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distance time of year off-road ETA 663KM Apr/Oct 222km 3 Days

By following the GLR 1 you'll start your adventure nearby Villevieille. From there it's east, up to Lac du Salagou. At the lake, you need to turn north. After it, you ride into the lower hills across nice forest roads and beautiful mountain passes.
Emerge yourself into the French Roman Culture. History is visible all around you! You come across various ancient buildings and you probably cannot help yourself wandering away into the old Roman times.
Are you looking for a varied motorcycle adventure? I think the GLR 1 has it all. Expect various surfaces from deep mud to sharp slates. Don’t fool yourself! Prepare for a 3 to 4-day adventure for this one.
You end your journey after almost 700km near Barjac. From there you can continue your epic motorcycle adventure with the GLR 2, which takes you south to Villevieille again, or you'll head east with the GLR 4.

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The former Languedoc-Roussillon region of France extends from Provence to the Pyrenees mountains in the South. Submerge yourself in the various medieval looking villages, far-reaching vineyards, and rolling hills.

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day 1 1 st st

9 hours 14min 664km

Every adventure starts with the same rituals. Check the bike, pack the bike, go to bed early and leave as early in the morning as possible. This time was a little out of the ordinary. I would leave relatively late because of the temperature in the morning. I'm not planning to freeze off the bike, so leaving around 9 am sounds a bit more comfortable than the usual 5 am.
The ride to the start of what has become GLR 1, would take me around 15 hours. For the night, I would stop halfway at a campsite. Doing so enables me to start the second day fresh and early. After all, it's an adventure and I expect nothing to go as planned.

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