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distance time of year off-road ETA 138km Apr/Oct 46km 1 Day

The GLR 2 is often used as a connection between the GLR 1 and GLR 4 to avoid the Camargue region of the GLR 3. You'll start in the south nearby Villevieille. From there it's all up north to Barjac.
Despite it’s shorter length, it turns out this shorty holds some nice punches behind its sleeve. Expect rocky roads with dry vegetation on the side.
Almost a third of the route is off-road-section, so be prepared to spend a full day on it!

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 off-road track of the GLR 2 in France ×
Dried up riverbed along the GLR 2 ×
Dry pine forest along the adventure motorcycle track ×

The region


The former Languedoc-Roussillon region of France extends from Provence to the Pyrenees mountains in the South. Submerge yourself in the various medieval looking villages, far-reaching vineyards, and rolling hills.

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of the


first day

35min 6.2km

What a night! You would think staying at a campsite would give you a better night rest than sleeping in the wild. At first, I fell asleep quite early. The sounds of crickets in the field made me sleepy. But then, I got awakened by the howl of a dog in the distance. Or could it maybe a wolf? I tried to listen if there was another howl, and there was. This time closer. Could there be wolves in the area? I’ve heard wolves howl at night in Greece, but I don’t know if I could distinguish the sound between a wolf or a dog.
The howling continuous and I kind of love to hear them in the distance. The sense of being in the wild feels lovely. The howling gets closer and closer and all of a sudden the dog of the campsite owner starts to bark aggressively. By now I’m right awake, trying to listen to what’s going on outside.
Out of nowhere, I hear them running over the grass field, barking and growling aggressively. I jump out of my sleeping bag, searching to find the knife next to me. My heartbeat is pumping inside my throat. I hear the campsite dog fight with his attackers and then, silence.......

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