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Flamingos! Do we need more to say? Yes, there’s a real possibility that you are going to encounter flamingo’s on the GLR 3. You will start at Les Maurras. After the start, you'll head west to the Camargue region.
The Camargue National Park can be very hot during the summer, so be prepared! You’ll take the GLR 3 if you want to see the sea, if not, take the more mountainous GLR 4 to the north. The amount of on-road sections is high due to the national parks, schedule about 2 full days for GLR 3.
After two days you will end the GLR 3 in Villevieille. Here you can continue on the GLR 1 or the GLR 2.

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airial image of the GLR 3 ×
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The region


The Camargue is one of Europe’s largest river delta. You’ll emerge yourself into a wild landscape of red salt lagoons, rice paddies and the occasional herd of wild white Camargue horses. The summers can be very hot, so the best time to visit is in spring and autumn.

Region description of the Camargue Region
Sight of flamingoes on my motorcycle adventure in France



of the


day 1 1

8 hours 43min 250km

It was a quiet night luckily! I get up around six in the morning. After breakfast, I start to pack my gear before the sun gets too hot. I come to discover where the pick-up driver lives. Just a little further in the distance, I see smoke plumes rising from a chimney.
When I’m almost done with packing, I hear the rattling noise of the pick-up again. The guy waves again when he passes me. Nice to see that I’ve made friends with my neighbor.
I pack my last bits and off I go. It’s starting to get warm again and I’m looking forward to my evening swim! Today I’m going to reach the beach definitely, I've only 50 km left today.
About an hour an a half later the terrain starts to change. The hills have made way for the plains and the surface has changed from sharp limestone into sandy roads. It’s a fun but challenging mix-up.
I can see the beach clearly now, but I cannot help to feel a bit disappointed. Because the Camargue region is mainly one big lagoon, the water sits still most of the time. The smell of brackish water discourages me from taking a quick dip.
The temperature has risen over 30 degrees by now and I seek some shelter under a roof meant for horses I think. By then I notice some odd looking birds in the distance. Yes, it’s a flock of flamingoes! I knew there was the possibility to see them in the area, but I didn’t know that it was that easy to spot them. I spend some more time just gazing at the birds before I get going again.

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