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distance time of year off-road ETA 200km Apr/Oct 48km 2 Days

The Northern alternative of the GLR 3 is number 4. You start in Barjac and will ride east to Sault, nearby the famous Mont Ventoux.
The GLR 4 leads you through the more mountainous area of the Languedoc region. Although it is still a dry area in the summer, the temperature feels way more bearable than the moist coastal Camargue region.
Schedule around two days to finish the GLR 4. From there you can continue your motorcycle adventure with the GLR 5 to the south or the GLR 7 to the east.

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The former Languedoc-Roussillon region of France extends from Provence to the Pyrenees mountains in the South. Submerge yourself in the various medieval looking villages, far-reaching vineyards, and rolling hills.

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day #1 #1

9 hours 6min 246km

I get awakened by the sound raindrops and thunder in the morning. Although it stopped raining before I wast out of bed, everything outside is still damp. It’s chilly and I decide to boil some nice warm eggs for breakfast. The eggs crack while boiling. This wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I also decided to drop them into the dirt. Almost half of the egg is ruined. Let’s say these little frustrations are part of an adventure.
When you're traveling alone you can set your own pace, make your own decisions, but you also set your own mood. There’s nobody around to change your dampened mood when you’re alone. It takes some experience to recognize your own state of mind and being able to lift it when you’re down. I try to do it by simple things like a nice warm coffee or some candy so now and then. I also have I piece of tape on the inside of the windshield to “remember” me how awesome a motorcycle adventure is.....

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