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distance time of year off-road ETA 102km Apr/Oct 44km 1 Day

Red sand! The GLR 5 leads you almost half of its length over off-road sections. You start at Les Maurras. From there it's going to be all up north.
Don't mind yourself if you're dreaming away, imagining yourself riding in African sand, it's still France.
Although it is an amazing section to ride, please be careful when it has rained. The sand turns into a slippery surface that sticks to everything. If the surface has dried, it will take you a nice full day to complete GLR 5.
At the end of the GLR 5, you'll arrive in Sault. From there you can continue your journey with the GLR 4 and GLR 7.

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The former Languedoc-Roussillon region of France extends from Provence to the Pyrenees mountains in the South. Submerge yourself in the various medieval looking villages, far-reaching vineyards, and rolling hills.

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first day day

6 hours 27min 178km

The day starts early and relaxed. I decided to start with a morning swim. Everything is calm and quiet. I pack my gear afterward and I’m off again. The temperature is rising quick and I’m starting to feel the heat.
I’m now exploring the canyons of France called “Verdon Gorges”. What a view, but it starts to become busy on the roads. The off-road sections are turning from mud- into sand roads. Red sand to be precise. I can’t help thinking about Africa or Australia. But how mesmerizing the idea of red sand would be, it's tricky to ride on. Wet sections are slippery and I lost the front on one occasion.
The sand turns into stones again and due to my groceries stop earlier this day, It’s starting to get late again. Time to search for a nice camp spot and I find one right across a lavender field. The smell is pleasant and I can’t help myself to pick some lavender to bring home.
The day turns into night and I’m satisfied with the progress of today. I enjoy the twinkling stars for a moment before I go to bed. Little did I know that a lot of wild boars were in the area....

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