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distance time of year off-road ETA 423km May/Sept 107km 4 Days

The GLR 7 starts nearby Sault in the South-Eastern part of France. From there it will lead you past the higher parts of the alps.
The route is spiced up with twisty roads, inclination, and beautiful views. GLR 7 will give you everything if you love riding in the mountains.
You’ll spend around 3 to 4 days on this route. The route comes to an end at Saint-Sauveur. From here you can dive even deeper into the higher alps of Italy with the GLR 9 or explore the French Alps with the GLR 8.

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The Provence region, bordering with Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, is known for its diverse landscapes. From the highest Southern Alps to the Camargue plains. You’ll pass by the lavender fields, rolling vineyards, and the highest mountain passes. Be prepared for a diverse surrounding.

Region description of the Provence-alpes-cote D'azur Region
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of the


day day 1

7 hours 32min 183km

I get up early in the morning after a good night of sleep. My host owns two big Doberman dogs. While packing I have got the feeling of missing something. The dogs have found the food bag and snatched it while I went inside to get the remaining stuff out of my room. At the end of the garden, I see the ziplock bags laying on the grass. Most of the unpackaged food was eaten, unfortunately, but I’ve got my revenge! I brought a pepper pepperoni and they apparently couldn’t resist it. So now they were sniffing around with pepper in their nose. That will teach them.
I'm on my way again to ride the remaining distance to the head of the trail. The engine still makes that terrifying metal on metal noise, but I’ve learned to ignore it somehow. The kilometers pass by and I’m back in the mountains again! This is the feeling of adventure!
The GLR 7 is the first route I start to explore and immediately at the first off-road section I need to turn around because of a prohibition sign. Not the start I hoped for. I have the feeling it's going to be a reoccurring theme this adventure. After some detours I find myself riding on off-road mountain passes again. The sun is shining, it’s a comfortable twenty degrees and the road surface is not too challenging.

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