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distance time of year off-road ETA 3212km Apr/Oct 1016km 21 Days

The GLR-Network is the motorcycle adventure route network for the bigger cc motorcycles out there! Specially designed to the capabilities of you and your bike.
No single trail or steep hill climbs. A fun combination between the best paved roads and most scenic off-road tracks. Combine each individual GLR to create your personal adventure route due to its modular design.
Does the going get tough? Use the Back-up track to circumnavigate the off-road section via paved road!

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The newest GLRs to adventurise Europe by yourself!


Discover every individual GLR by it's number in the overview below.

distance time of year off-road ETA 663KM Apr/Oct 222km 3 Days

Emerge yourself into the French Roman Culture. History is visible all around you! You come across various ancient buildings and you probably cannot help yourself wandering away into the old Roman times.
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distance time of year off-road ETA 138km Apr/Oct 46km 1 Day

The GLR 2 is often used as a connection between the GLR 1 and GLR 4 to avoid the Camargue region of the GLR 3. You'll start in the south nearby Villevieille. From there it's all up north to Barjac.
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distance time of year off-road ETA 384km Apr/Oct 91km 2 Days

Flamingos! Do we need more to say? Yes, there’s a real possibility that you are going to encounter flamingo’s on the GLR 3. You will start at Les Maurras. After the start, you'll head west to the Camargue region.
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distance time of year off-road ETA 200km Apr/Oct 48km 2 Days

The Northern alternative of the GLR 3 is number 4. You start in Barjac and will ride east to Sault, nearby the famous Mont Ventoux.
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distance time of year off-road ETA 102km Apr/Oct 44km 1 Day

Red sand! The GLR 5 leads you almost half of its length over off-road sections. You start at Les Maurras. From there it's going to be all up north. Don't mind yourself if you're dreaming away, imagining yourself riding in African sand, it's still France.
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distance time of year off-road ETA 199km Apr/Oct 73km 2 Days

Mountains and forests, what do you want more? Start your journey on the GLR 6 at Colmars. From there the GLR 6 leads you into the wildest parts of France. Be prepared to feel like a real Adventuriser.
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distance time of year off-road ETA 423km May/Sept 107km 4 Days

The GLR 7 starts nearby Sault in the South-Eastern part of France. From there it will lead you past the higher parts of the alps. The route is spiced up with twisty roads, inclination, and beautiful views. GLR 7 will give you everything if you love riding in the mountains.
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distance time of year off-road ETA 105km May/Sept 33km 1 Day

Mountains, gravel and bigger stones, this is GLR 8. You are going to gain some elevation. Snow may be still an issue at the beginning of the season, so bring the back-up track with you!
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distance time of year off-road ETA 998km May/Sept 352km 5 Days

Looking for one of the highest motorcycle adventure routes of Europe? The GLR 9 will serve you well. You’ll start in Embrun where you can connect with the GLR 8 and GLR 7.
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