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what about donations

By donating you help to keep the Adventurising Europe project pushing forwards. With your donation, I’m able to keep the GLR-network free to download for every rider out there. Not only do you support the entire community, but you do also help me to meet the costs of production.

For as little as 6 euros I’m able to produce one kilometer of the GLR-network. Please consider to support one or even a few kilometers of the GLR-network, so you and many others can enjoy the expanding GLR-network in the future.

Do you want to support the Adventurising Europe project as a business? Check out our partnership page for a variety of options.


I chose PayPal to handle the financial side of the donations. They're renauned for their security and reliability. This comes at a price. Paypal asks a fee of 3,4% + 35 cents per transaction. To be a hundred percent clear about what happens to your donation, I clarify this in the example below.

€6 Donation - €1,04 - €0, 35 - €0,40 €4,41 (21% VAT) (transaction fee) (3,5% PayPal fee) To the project

With your donation, I’m able to develop the GLR-network to a European wide network for every Adventuriser out there. I’m able to meet the costs of hosting the website and production of the individual GLRs. Your donation will enable me to look behind the horizon and let the Adventurising Europe project grow into something much bigger than everybody dreams of. Thank you for your contribution to the Adventurising Europe project! The link below will take you to the PaypPal page.


Not only donations contribute to the support of the Adventurising Europe project! Consider becoming an Adventuriser. It's completely free and you enjoy many benefits for example access to the back-up tracks! Read more about becoming an adventuriser here or fill in the form below.

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