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distance big adventures on the bike days on the road 11184km 3 362,5 hours 52 days

Read about my stories while Adventurising Europe! The Build is al about my experiences while exploring the best roads of Europe.

Follow me on my journey to create a European motorcycle adventure route network! Read about my progress and setbacks day by day.

Read about the creation of every single GLR! Most of them are created during bigger adventures, so choose to read the one by one or all together. Don’t wait and start to explore Europe through my eyes!

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distance time of year on the bike on the road 3477km October 83,5 hours 12 days
83,5 hours 3477km

Combine dirt roads with some nice landscapes add a motorcycle and you've got yourself a nice adventure. Put endless rain into the equation and it becomes an adventurous struggle of falling down, hurting yourself, running to catch a dying drone and fighting against hurricane like windspeeds. This is about my struggle of building the GLR 1.
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ADVENTURE September ‘18 THE

distance time of year on the bike days on the road 3229km September 117 hours 17 days
8 hours 165km

Although the GLR 2 isn’t one of the longest routes in our GLR-network, the exploration for it is one to remember. The heat during the day and the animals at night were something I don't forget that easily!
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18,5 hours 391km

It took me two long days to complete the exploration for the GLR 3. It was an interesting variation between seaside and lower mountains. Dodging animals and holding my breath because of the stenche.
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15 hours 378km

If GLR 4 has thought me something, it would be knowing when to turn around. From a rainy day to over 30 degrees Celcius, it was a diverse route! Read about my experience while exploring the route.
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41,5 hours 1575km

They say the last bits take the longest and it definitely felt like it way on the GLR 5. During my September adventure, I've split the exploration of the GLR 5 into two parts. The first part when I came from the east, the second one when I came from the west. When I was finally finished, it was time to head home.
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15,5 hours 326km

Patience is key, persistence is master. These are the words to describe the build of the GLR 6 the most. Again I've lost something, this time something more valuable.
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19 hours 394km

Finally, I'm on the road again! I start my September adventure with the GLR 7. After some rough start and even some more struggles, I continue to explore for the GLR 7.
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distance time of year on the bike days on the road 4478km July 162 hours 23 days
35,5 hours 820km

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126,5 hours 3658km

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